Do you want to efficiently manage a wide range of logistics equipment? At different sites and on an international scale? Do you need flexible solutions that adapt to your contractual situation and the length of your projects? We can support you with customised and TCO-optimised usage solutions for all of your logistics equipment. Across all manufacturers and asset types. You benefit from lean processes, new dimension of flexibility and – last but not least – lower costs.

Logistics management – international, across all assets, and TCO-optimised

Material handling vehicles, overhead cranes, load containers, palletising machines – warehouse and logistics tasks require a wide range of equipment, often supplied by different vendors. The wear and tear is different for each type of equipment, and the useful life varies accordingly. Additionally, internationally distributed locations and – especially in contract logistics – fixed-term service contracts and the efficient management of assets and contracts becomes a challenge that is as complex as it is critical to success.

Tailor-made logistics solutions…

Our TCO experts are here to help. They will assess your requirements using their many years of experience in the industry and extensive logistics and financial engineering expertise. Which processes would you like to have covered? In which countries? What equipment do you need? On what terms? Which service partner is an option? Where can standardisation help to increase efficiency?

We will find the optimal usage solution for you based on these factors and TCO aspects and then combine it all in a single contract with a single, predictable lease instalment; Independent of manufacturers and banks.

…on an international scale

Do you operate in more than one country or on more than one continent? Thanks to our network of international offices, we are always at your side. We can easily adapt all contracts to the tax and legal environments of different countries. Nothing about the content changes – the terms & conditions stay the same for the framework agreement.

Flexibility in contract logistics

Do you operate in contract logistics? Then you will know how demanding efficient technology management can be when dealing with fixed-term contracts. We can support you in this respect by aligning the contract duration and the equipment lifecycle. We also continually monitor the total cost of ownership while offering maximum flexibility from the initial quote to remarketing.  

If your customer renews your contract, you can extend the term with us for an adjusted lease instalment. And what if you want to finance your existing equipment flexibly? Not a problem: We can include the assets from your books in our contracts through our sale and leaseback model and add the equipment to your individual usage solution. What’s more, we are generally able to manage your payments so flexibly that your liquidity is largely protected even in volatile markets.

Cause-related allocation of all expenses

Do you know which equipment is in use and where? Who the manufacturer is? Whether the service and maintenance costs have changed? Our digital management platform, TESMA®, has the answers to these questions. It combines administrative and technical aspects in real-time, providing complete transparency of all asset data and enabling the exact and cause-related allocation of all costs.

For you, this means full invoice control and a transparent overview of all equipment – at all sites and in all countries. This solid base data will allow you to permanently increase the efficiency of your processes and benefit from further savings.

TESMA®, in conjuction with the professional support of our experts, creates the perfect non-captive, customised solution for all of your equipment. Transparent, TCO-optimised, and on an international scale.


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TESMA®: The perfect connection of two worlds

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