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  • CHG-MERIDIAN ANZ eBook: Employee Experience

    Are you doing enough to meet the expectations of your employees? Does your workplace technology enable you to attract and retain talent, and support a remote workforce? Read this eBook to learn how you can achieve a bespoke digital workplace that drives engagement and empowers employees to be productive.

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  • CHG-MERIDIAN ANZ eBook: Sustainable IT

    Are you doing enough to embed sustainability into your IT operations?
    Read our eBook to learn about how you can improve your end of use strategy.

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  • CHG-MERIDIAN ANZ eBook: Optimised IT Operations

    Where are the gaps in your IT operations?
    Strained IT operations compromise security & performance and the user experience is also affected. Here’s how to improve

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  • CHG-MERIDIAN ANZ eBook: Financial Efficiencies

    Read our eBook to find out how you can unlock budget now and improve your long term ability to pivot and change in an uncertain economy.

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Information Technology

Digital Workplace Solution

The digital workplace offers substantially more freedom and fulfilment for employees: they are less restricted in terms of when and where they work and are no longer tied to permanently installed devices such as desktop workstations. Instead, they always have access to the latest technology, which is tailored to their individual needs. CHG-MERIDIAN shows you how this can work.

Office building at night

Workplace as a Service

Computing power, platforms, and software can already be acquired as a service, so why not your IT and office equipment? Discover the benefits that workplace as a service (WaaS) can have for your company.