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New TESMA® integrates financial and technical information even more effectively

CHG-MERIDIAN launches software platform for financial and technical management of assets
CHG-MERIDIAN perfecting its Technology and Service Management System, TESMA® now offers an extended range of features

How many IT workstations do I have in use? Where are they located? What will they cost next quarter? And how do I manage and post consumables and service expenditures per unit? When it comes to managing technology investments, there is a great deal of potential for optimization. Lack of efficiency and non-transparent processes create increasing expenses, driving overall costs upward. Anyone affected by this will be glad to learn of CHG-MERIDIAN's latest news: the latest version of TESMA®, the company's proprietary technology and service management system. CHG-MERIDIAN is breaking new ground when it comes to managing complex equipment portfolios efficiently.

Connection between financial and technical information

TESMA® is the basis for CHG-MERIDIAN's service portfolio. The company operates as an international financial and technology manager, developing custom solutions to help its customers manage their technology investments. One of
CHG-MERIDIAN's key promises is to ease customers' workload burdens throughout every phase of the technology life cycle. TESMA® is the cornerstone for it.

What makes the application so special? It links two worlds that otherwise often exist separately from one another: the business world and the technology world. TESMA® collects technical information such as equipment types, features, locations, and consumption levels, as well as financial information like rental rates, cost centers, financing periods or consumables costs.

"Connecting these two spheres of information is the basis upon which we automate processes and create transparency along the entire technology life cycle," explains Frank Kottmann, CHG-MERIDIAN Board member and Chief Sales Officer for Central Europe. "It gives our customers new opportunities to organize their technology investments efficiently, from procurement and rollout to equipment retrieval and certified data erasure. That's true for all three of CHG-MERIDIAN's technology areas: IT, industry and health care," he adds.


Entire technology life cycle covered

Whether printers, notebooks, monitors, advanced medical equipment or entire production lines—TESMA® puts all the relevant information at customers' fingertips, providing flexibility and transparency throughout the whole technology life cycle. The software provides hardware, installation or financial data on any device, any time. Things once done manually—creating equipment statistics, invoicing, location information—now happen at the touch of a button. How do customers benefit? Frank Kottmann summarizes it well: "Significantly lower administrative workloads, and sustainable reductions in overall expenses!"

And when it comes to ensuring that data remains current, the technology and financial managers at
CHG-MERIDIAN have a few tricks up their sleeves as well: TESMA® automatically keeps itself up-to-date by syncing with the CHG-MERIDIAN ERP system. TESMA®'s modern software interface and uncomplicated, intuitive user controls make it even easier to operate.


Intelligent controlling for valid decisions

TESMA® provides valuable data  for the target-oriented management of technology investments. It assists with investment planning by providing information on equipment locations, configurations and usage patterns, and by developing budgets for planning optimization concepts. During the operations phase, it provides customized controlling reports and simplifies budget and consumption planning. At the end of the technology life cycle, TESMA®'s new "End of Life" module maps out the entire rollback process, giving customers complete transparency on everything from pick-up orders to erasure logs.

Most importantly, however, TESMA® helps CHG-MERIDIAN deliver exactly the data which decision-makers need to monitor and control their assets: a fast, easy way of ensuring transparent cost control and allowing cost-center-specific, consumption-based accounting... even in international contexts.

The new release of TESMA® has its own management dashboard, allowing users to customize how information is presented by choosing from among various widgets—so they have quick access to the information they need most. Data in the form of graphs help present the results in even more meaningful ways.


Added value for many different departments

Many company departments can benefit from TESMA®. The IT officer knows what's where, how the individual units are fitted out, and which of them will still be fit for the next ERP release change. Accounting appreciates the fact that one tool contains all the information they need when posting invoices. Their colleague in Administration has an easier time of it, too, now that they don’t have to record consumables by hand—they can just call them up with the touch of a button. And over in Sales, streamlined ordering processes with defined workflows put everyone in a good mood.

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Management dashboard and intuitive user controls

  • Modern software interface
  • Intuitive, uncomplicated user guidance
  • Management dashboard with freely combinable widgets

Additional controlling reports

  • Location analysis with detailed device information
  • Budget planning for sustainable IT financial management
  • Invoice statistics
  • Consumables reports

ERP ordering system

  • Seamless integration into existing ERP systems

TESMA® web service

  • Easy to integrate into other databases

TESMA® Download Scheduler

  • Retrieval of controlled data from TESMA® and transfer to other applications

EDIFACT Interface

  • Electronic exchange of invoice data

End of Life module

  • Maps entire IT equipment rollback process
  • Covers everything through "eraSURE®" deletion process
  • Transparent equipment tracking from pickup to erasure logs



CHG-MERIDIAN's roots are in leasing. Why would the Company invest in a Tecnology and Service Management System?

Oliver Schorer: This isn't the first time I've heard this question. It's true that we come from leasing... or, rather, we came from leasing. Today, we're financial and technology managers. The transformation process was a very organic one, and was also the logical extension of our previous business model. We still finance IT, industrial equipment and medical technology today, but now we also provide our customers with greater added value by assisting them in managing these technology investments efficiently. And TESMA® is the most important tool in that process.

How have customers reacted to TESMA® thus far?

Oliver Schorer: TESMA® has been received very well. No wonder, since it opens up so many new possibilities for customers. Obviously, that's also true of the previous version, which will be replaced by the new TESMA® in the spring of 2016. To put it into numerical terms: As of the end of February 2016, TESMA® manages 6,094,030 assets. Around 10,358 users are accessing the system around 700 times a day. 

How does automatic data maintenance work?

Oliver Schorer: I think anyone who works in IT knows the pitfalls of manual data entry. There's always a risk of content being neglected, or of it being updated incorrectly. That's why CHG-MERIDIAN is carving its own path in this regard. The software regularly syncs with CHG-MERIDIAN's own ERP system, which stores all equipment data centrally. Any time customers make changes—to cost centers, for example—they are applied to TESMA® from there, so they can be accounted for in the next billing cycle. The customers' accounting departments then draw all the relevant invoicing data directly from TESMA®, where it's organized by cost center right down to the individual units.

How well does TESMA® work with other softwares?

Oliver Schorer: TESMA® communicates with all platforms. Connecting it to ERP systems like SAP, Navision, or asset management systems (CMDBs) is quick and easy. The two worlds exchange data automatically, which ensures high quality, current data without requiring customers to go through the hassle of entering everything twice.


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