Apr 12, 2017 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN is going even more digital and optimizing its online presence with a website relaunch

• Versatile: New website highlights the broad range of services offered by CHG-MERIDIAN.
• Simplified: Users can find relevant content and the right person to contact even more quicker.
• Visualized: Interactive elements present information in an entertaining way.

Corporate Group Website

The relaunch of the CHG-MERIDIAN corporate website is complete: Visitors to the online home of the finance and technology manager will now be greeted by a fresh, modern design with new visual imagery and an updated content concept that does justice to the company’s current growth. “We are finding new ways to make use of digitalization, and reaching out even more efficiently to our target groups and all this is now reflected in the structure of our new corporate website,” says Matthias Steybe, Head of Communications and Marketing.

The new corporate website has a simplified, more streamlined navigation structure. Different target groups such as customers, job applicants, or investors can find the information relevant to them in just a few clicks. The strategy of short navigation sequences is supported with additional quick links, platform elements, and a revised contact strategy.

“Through our website relaunch, we are focusing more clearly than ever on the needs of our individual customer groups. Whether Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Digital Signage Solutions, or other services we are taking visitors directly to the solutions that meet their specific needs, wherever they are in the world,” says Steybe.


Less complex, more international

The corporate website uses modern web technology such as interactive and animated elements to present information in a lively and eye-catching way. One example is the multi-level animated infographic, which uses the lifecycle model to show website visitors how they can use CHG-MERIDIAN’s services efficiently in the various phases of the technology management process.

As a global business, CHG-MERIDIAN is particularly keen to ensure the localization of its online presence for regional target groups in Germany, other European countries, and in North, Central, and South America. A direct link on the homepage and on each individual page takes users to the country-specific website. Furthermore, an applicant management function has been built in at both an international and a local level. With a global HR site and individual local HR pages, we can accurately target vacancies at potential candidates as required. The international rollout will take a few more months, as we need to ensure that we meet all international requirements.


Close links with social media

In the social media age, it goes without saying that the company’s corporate website should be closely integrated with its social media presence. Anyone browsing the CHG-MERIDIAN website can switch seamlessly to the various social media sites – LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube and Vimeo for additional content by clicking on the icons embedded at appropriate points on the website.

The positive response so far shows that the relaunch has been worth the effort. Not just because the new corporate website provides clear guidance for users in a broad range of target groups, but also because, more than ever, the web presence reflects the qualities that have made CHG-MERIDIAN so successful: versatility, innovation, and systematic customer focus.