Digitalisation in Healthcare

How to achieve digitalisation in the healthcare sector

Exhausted budgets, significant investment pressures: How can the digital transformation of healthcare become a reality despite hospitals’ ongoing financial constraints? We examine the options.

IT and healthcare technology are more closely linked than ever before. In addition to common features of e-health such as electronic patient records and telemedicine, there is a growing focus on digital procedures such as robot-assisted surgery. Such procedures are opening up new possibilities in orthopedic surgery, for example. CT-based 3D models can be used for patient-specific preoperative planning, enabling surgery to be carried out precisely and with minimally invasive procedures.

Lack of investment puts the brakes on digitalisation

Hospital managers are already aware of the importance of digitalisation in healthcare. Hospitals need to invest and introduce innovations if they are to hold their own in the competition for patients and skilled personnel, and remain viable into the future. 

The challenge, therefore, is how to acquire the desired technology without blowing the budget. Essentially, it comes down to whether – and how much – money can be invested in modernising and digitalising healthcare.

Future-proof investments require the right strategy

Financing should not be the only factor when it comes to innovation, although it is a key factor along with intelligent implementation. Each hospital should therefore develop its own digitalisation strategy that takes account of the relevant investment issues from the outset. As a non-captive specialist for technology management and financing, we support healthcare providers throughout every phase of their digital transformation. We offer a three-in-one portfolio of technology, management, and financing, enabling healthcare organisations to benefit from our all-round expertise in investing for the digital future.

Our strategy for implementing your digital transformation comprises:

Value creation throughout the technology lifecycle

Investing in new IT and other technologies involves multiple phases and does not simply end when you opt for a particular manufacturer or financing model. “We’re always looking at the whole picture, right from the start of the product lifecycle to the end of an asset’s life. Our services start with planning and procurement, followed by implementation and management of the technologies. The lifecycle ends with remarketing and data erasure,” explains Peter Krause, Head of Healthcare Sector Sales at CHG-MERIDIAN.

Non-captive customised business concepts

We develop customised business concepts that are tailored to your needs and are not tied to specific manufacturers or banks. After analysing and evaluating your existing IT structures and technological equipment in detail, we seek out the makes and manufacturers that are the best fit for your objectives and budget.

Complete transparency of costs and assets with TESMA®

TESMA®  is our proprietary technology and service management system, which we developed to provide constant transparency about all assets, services used, and costs incurred. It combines technical and commercial data in a single application, enabling real-time information to be accessed at the click of a button. Optimised clarity and functions for simple financial planning and reporting help to increase efficiency and lower the overall costs in the long term.

Reduced total costs thanks to flexible financing

Flexible financing enables you to sustainably lower your costs and risks while still being able to manage them. For healthcare providers, this could be a pay-per-use finance strategy that is based on income (pay per procedure), useful economic life (pay as you earn), or the number of operations carried out to financing an operating theater (pay per theater), or it could be an overall financing package.

Technology refresh: keeping your assets at the cutting edge

IT and other technologies are constantly being enhanced and optimised. To ensure that our customers are always using the latest technologies, we offer a technology refresh after a set usage period. This enables them to replace systems or assets with more up-to-date models, which may help to avoid maintenance costs and eliminate inefficiencies.

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